Upturn for Apple experts


An IT support specialist in north Cornwall has seen a rise in New Year business after launching a special post-Christmas support offer.

Newquay-based CTS, which works with clients across Cornwall and Plymouth, has seen orders increase following the launch of its ‘3 Months Free Mac Support’ package.

The deal by the authorised Apple service provider sees customers who take out a 12-month contract only charged for nine months.

CTS’ managing director, Chris Forrest, said: “The demand we’ve seen for the new Mac support package after we launched the special offer has been incredible.

“Ensuring your business has contingency and support plans in place to look after IT equipment is extremely important, but something that many business owners seem to put to one side.

“As a result we see many incidents where people have lost valuable information and data as a result of an IT breakdown.

“This can have a massive impact on a business in terms of time and cost, as well as a loss of equipment.

“So we’ve decided to launch this offer to help Mac friendly businesses put cost effective systems in place at a time when there is still uncertainty in the economy.”