Admin ninjas in online assault

Clare Rutt (left) and Nicola Moule
Clare Rutt (left) and Nicola Moule

A new free online administrative resource for businesses has been launched to help office managers and people running their own companies do battle against mounting paperwork and time thieves.

The new website,, is the brainchild of Nicola Moule and Clare Rutt who have been running the Penryn-based business support and virtual PA firm Fridaygirl for nearly ten years. They manage a team of full-time ‘admin ninjas’, in-house virtual administrators who provide support services to people struggling with administrative tasks and procedures.

They have now uploaded some of their wealth of experience and expertise to the web, creating an internet advice portal for businesses regardless of their size or sector.

With assistance from the Fridaygirl mascot, Della Gate, the site answers questions such as how a company can increase staff gradually without leaping in at the deep end, how to chase payments without damaging client relationships and how to ensure technical staff are not distracted by non-relevant phone calls.

It is packed with advice for smaller companies and one-man-bands such as how to set up PAYE, how to source maternity cover for a PA without recruiting and how a small business owner can take a holiday without shutting the company for a week or two.

Della delivers the gems of information in an easy-to-understand way and points users towards downloadable top tips and a ‘healthy business’ guide. There is also a link for people to ask real-time questions of the Fridaygirl team themselves, in complete confidence.

“We’re really pleased to be offering this free admin resource to fellow business people,” explained Moule, “It’s a much-needed extension of the advice we already offer on a regular basis to all sorts of companies.”

“We wanted people to be able to ask questions privately via our website to avoid any embarrassment associated with exposing gaps in a person’s knowledge. The website operates with complete discretion, just as we do.”

Established in 2000, Fridaygirl has forged its reputation helping businesses focus on their core money-making work by taking away admin pressure. Shortly to celebrate its tenth birthday, Fridaygirl provides all the services of an on-site admin department including call handling, book keeping and PA services with seamless ‘virtual’ integration.