Cornwall looks to embrace health tourism


A scheme to market Cornwall as a destination for health tourism has taken another step forward with a collaboration between accommodation providers and a private hospital.

Under the partnership, a list of Cornish hotels, guesthouses and self-catering accommodation particularly suited to convalescing patients is being drawn up by the Duchy Hospital in Truro for patients who wish to recuperate in the county.

The accommodation will be promoted to the growing number of patients from outside Cornwall who choose the hospital for procedures such as cosmetic surgery, orthopaedics, eye operations and vascular surgery.

The list will also be available to people looking to recover in Cornwall after a procedure elsewhere in the country.

Chris Sealey, Duchy Hospital’s general manager said: “This partnership will make it far easier for people to recover in Cornwall’s fantastic environment. Our out-of-county patients will be able to plan their recuperation in advance, while patients elsewhere in the UK will be able to choose accommodation providers who welcome convalescing patients and are prepared for their needs.”

The accommodation details will be provided by the hospital’s Freephone enquiry line, on its website and in packs sent to patients prior to their operations.

Pat Smith, from Bosinver Farm holiday cottages, one of the self-catering locations included in the scheme, said: “People have always come on holiday to Cornwall for their general wellbeing. Our collaboration with the Duchy Hospital takes that a stage further. If you have particular medical needs, why not have those tended to in Cornwall, and recover in one of the most beautiful locations in the country.”