Golden Opportunity For Local Firms


LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC AND PARALYMPIC GAMES – A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY FOR LOCAL FIRMSThe Beijing Games last month proved a great spectacle – now Business Link has launched an information campaign urging Cornwall-based firms to look at opportunities presented by the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

The London 2012 Games will be one of the UK’s biggest commercial opportunities of recent times with contracts worth more than £6 billion covering 75,000 projects.

Business Link spokesperson Ian Gent said: “Many local firms are now focusing on this golden opportunity.  Inspired by the success of Team GB in Beijing over 4,000 local firms viewed a recent email ‘e-alert’ that we sent out covering the commercial potential presented by the Games and over 700 downloaded our free information pack”.

In partnership with South West of England Regional Development Agency Business Link is acting as the lead organisation to help firms across the region get in shape to benefit from the opportunities available to them.

Ian Gent said: “Firms can use the London 2012 Games to promote their businesses to new markets, providing a unique global showcase for their products and services.

“We are keen to stress to local firms that there is no existing supply chain in place for the London 2012 Games. They have the opportunity to join the network of suppliers that is taking shape.

“But it’s critical that businesses start their preparation at the earliest possible date.

“Contracts are already being issued and will only be offered to those businesses, or groups of businesses that meet specific criteria.”

There will be contract opportunities in a wide range of sectors, ranging from construction, engineering and manufacturing to creative, merchandising and retail.

“Local businesses of all sizes really can benefit,” said Ian Gent. “Of the contracts awarded so far, 50 per cent have gone to firms outside London and 68 per cent have gone to small and medium sized firms.”

The starting point for businesses is to visit and register on the Business Network, an online ‘dating agency’ for Games-related opportunities.

Businesses of any size can use the Business Network brokerage service and by registering their basic details they will be able to view opportunities and gain access to Games-related business news and events.

To apply for London 2012 contracts as a supplier, firms must complete and publish a full business profile. Once this is created, they can track their activity and search for partners.

Ian Gent is keen to stress that the London 2012 Games are “far more than just a four week event”.

He added: “They offer the opportunity for local businesses in a wide range of sectors to really boost their performance.

“For some local businesses this may well be their first opportunity for a major contract, for others the 2012 Games could provide an introduction to partners and investors that will take them to the next level of regional, national and international exposure leading to sales in new markets.

“The experience of getting businesses ready for London 2012 could be more important than actual sales achieved. It can offer businesses the opportunity to transform themselves and the experience could move them to a higher level of performance with new market opportunities and greater knowledge of their sector and the wider marketplace.

“It is particularly important for businesses in the food and drink, hospitality, service and the creative industries to understand fully what the Games could mean for them.

“Getting into shape to maximise the opportunity will result in local businesses improving their performance, profitability and value – so the benefits are not just for the Games themselves, but the long term.

“Our message to local firms is don’t wait for things to happen but take control of the situation and be pro-active in fully realising the benefits for your business – grasp this golden opportunity for your company.”

To find out more how Business Link can support your business contact Business Link on 0845 600 9966 or visit

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