Solution For Tough-To-Recycle Plastics


South West company provides solution for tough-to-recycle plastics

Companies in the South West can now find a local solution to deal with one of the most difficult materials to recycle – plastic.

The Electronic Waste Company, based in Redruth, has just purchased new machinery which enables all types of plastic to be prepared for reuse, rather than thrown into landfill.

The new plant, a shredder, reduces the plastic into small pieces that can then be processed and turned into other plastic items.

The company’s Systems Director, Ben Menadue explains: “Historically it has been uneconomical for companies to transport bulky waste plastic to a recycling company. But shredded plastic is easier to deal with and so is more valuable. That’s why our investment in the shredder means it now makes economic, as well as environmental, sense to recycle all types of plastic.”

The waste plastic is broken by a rotating metal drum and then forced through an adjustable screen set to between 25 and 100mm, dependent on the required size of the plastic granules.

Non-plastic materials such as metals are sorted and removed for separate recycling before the plastics are bagged ready for melting.

Damian continued: “We are thrilled with the purchase of this new plant. We have become renowned for our expertise with electronic waste and increasingly companies are asking us about tackling other materials, rather than sending it to increasingly clogged landfill sites.”

The new equipment is able to breakdown all types of plastic including different types of plastic within the same item and plastic composites.

The German-made machine, a Zerma 1000, measures around three metres long and two metres wide.

Zerma has over 50 years experience in the manufacturing of recycling equipment and is one of the world’s major manufacturing companies supplying high quality plastics recycling equipment.

With additional storage for shredded and unshredded plastics the new system has led to another expansion of the Electronic Waste Company’s premises.

For more information on The Electronic Waste Company visit the company’s website at or call 0845 2011380.

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