Headforwards Digital Academy will host an event at FibreHub next month, providing valuable guidance to organisations going through digital transformation.

Aimed at business leaders and HR professionals, the event on July 12 will focus on the people element of digital transformation – a critical part of any project.

The Headforwards Digital Academy, launched in May, harnesses the expertise of Headforwards’ software engineering and technology specialism to help individuals and organisations gain both the technical skills and mindset shift they need to make the most of technology.

It offers training in a variety of products, including Power BI, Sharepoint and Dynamics 365, and offers individuals and organisations bespoke programmes.

The project is part of Digital Futures, which has received £2 million from the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund as part of Cornwall Council’s Good Growth Programme.

On July 12, the Academy team will share their insights on the importance of upskilling a workforce to ensure effective results from digital transformation.

Participants will learn more about how the academy can help employees harness the tools and technology needed to deliver desired outcomes.

Peter Reed, lead advisory partner for Headforwards and former CIO of AXA Health, said: “People sit at the heart of digital transformation, and often, they need to add and learn new skills to deliver it effectively. Technology is just one small part of the equation, and it’s vital that time and resource are allocated to upskilling the people that will be using the new tools and technology to make transformation real.

“Headforwards’ new Digital Academy is helping organisations across Cornwall accelerate their digital transformations and supporting leaders to arm their workforce with the right skills.”

The event takes place at FibreHub, Pool on Friday July 12, starting at 8.30am with a welcome from Headforwards, FibreHub and Headforwards Digital Academy co-founder, Toby Parkins.

Kelly Kingstone, director of Headforwards Digital Academy, will introduce the Digital Academy and talk attendees through the programmes and training on offer to organisations of all sizes.

Peter Reed will discuss ways to increase the success of a transformation programme, and will be joined by a panel including Margaret Schwartz, chair of Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust discussing how organisations can harness their people to power their transformation.

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