Event: Invisible Carbon Footprint


Unlocking Potential has announced details of an event designed to help businesses understand and reduce their ‘invisible’ carbon footprint.

The Digital Transformation programme is running a workshop at FibreHub in Pool on July 14, which aims to go beyond the more familiar impacts of a business’s carbon footprint to explore the hidden impacts of what they do digitally.

In what’s described as a “practical and fast-moving workshop”, delegates will examine their digital footprint, which includes many of the things all of us take for granted every day: our internet searches, the songs and videos we stream, messages we send, routes we plan, payments we make. And because our financial decisions have repercussions too, the workshop will tackle those as well.

The event’s expert facilitators, Jennie and Paul Atkinson, are specialists in sustainability, behaviour change, green economy transitions and stakeholder-engagement. They will also deal on the day with issues around product use and end-of-life, how consumers change behaviour, and the idea of a circular economy.

Jennie Atkinson said: “The assumption is that this is all really complicated, but this workshop equips people with the knowledge and tools they need to take action and make a difference.

“We make complex topics easy to understand and help businesses turn that knowledge into clear and practical actions.”

The event will also include a Q&A with web design agency Leap.

To book your place, which is fully funded by the European Regional Development Fund, click here.