Software Cornwall’s Gateway into Tech programme is hosting a learning event day on May 19 at the FibreHub in Pool. The day is aimed at helping more people transition into digital careers while connecting them with eager employers who are currently recruiting.

The digital skills gap is affecting businesses throughout the UK, with 72% of large companies and 49% of SMEs reported to be suffering.

Cornwall is one of the UK’s fastest-growing digital communities, having grown 76% since 2010.

The UK tech boom sees one in eight job opportunities being in the digital sector, yet 4.5% of Cornwall is unemployed.

Software Cornwall says a different approach is needed to assist people looking for new opportunities transition into the digital sector, helping them find employment with tech companies that have vacancies waiting to be filled. This is why the Gateway into Tech programme was started, to make tech more accessible and help people maximise their transferable skills.

Gateway into Tech is part of The Business Clusters Project which is part-financed by the European Union Social Fund. It aims to engage with businesses, giving them a new way of recruiting. It also works with individuals, helping them gain the specifically identified skills that the businesses require.

Software Cornwall is collaborating closely with these businesses to develop a learning programme suitable for their needs.

Thanks to The European Social Fund, there is funding available for the businesses that take people on as placements to help with training and salary costs.

Last year, Software Cornwall welcomed its first cohort of people onto the Gateway to Tech programme, which ended up being a massive success – for both employers and job seekers alike.

Robert Wiltshire, education outreach coordinator & digital skills developer for Software Cornwall said: “The demand for talent in the tech industry is outstripping the supply. The Gateway into Tech, with guidance from enterprises themselves, aims to provide a new source of experienced, motivated personnel. Companies are needed to show willing in providing the individuals with the opportunity to demonstrate their skills to bring benefits to the industry.”

For more details on the Gateway to Tech event, click here.