Digital Transformation, part of the Unlocking Potential programme, is hosting a fully-funded event to help Cornish business owners demystify some of the expectations and realities of how to work with a developer when upgrading their website.

Delegates will hear from two of Cornwall’s leading web developers –Samuele Armondi from Thought Quarter and Jonathan Davies from LinedUp.

Armondi said: “‘How to buy a website’ will help business owners understand the key first steps to upgrading their websites and making their businesses tech-first. I’ll share a ‘Design Thinking’ approach to web development, focusing on the problem first when figuring out how to move your digital presence forward.”

Jonathan Davies from LinedUp will complement Armondi’s content by supporting with a section about ecommerce and better UX (user experience).

Delegates will also gain an understanding of how much budget they need to upgrade their website and the types of developer expertise needed for different projects.

The event will conclude with the opportunity for business owners to join lightening talks from experts in branding, copywriting, and SEO as well as an in-depth Q&A panel.

‘How to buy a website’ takes place on Thursday April 7 at the FibreHub in Pool. For full details, click here.