Spaceport Cornwall has launched a new exhibition at the Royal Cornwall Museum.

The ‘Cornwall Space: from Steam to Satellites’ exhibit follows on from the Story of a Satellite showcase at Cornwall Airport Newquay this summer.

It tells the story of Cornwall’s rich pioneering history and promising future in the space industry. From John Couch Adams – who is credited with finding Neptune – through the innovation and heritage of Goonhilly Earth Station, to present day developments with Spaceport Cornwall and Virgin Orbit, which will be delivering the UK’s first ever satellite launch in 2022.

On display at the exhibit is a genuine payload fairing, a model OneWeb Satellite, a model of Sierra Space’s DreamChaser ‘space plane’, and a model of Virgin Orbit’s Cosmic Girl.

Head of Spaceport Cornwall, Melissa Thorpe, said: “We could not have been more pleased to open our hangar through the summer and truly begin to engage with the public at our first exhibition. This second exhibit will be a chance to further that excitement and education.

“Set at the Royal Cornwall Museum, which is the perfect venue to showcase Cornwall’s historic achievements in space alongside its future, we can’t wait to welcome more people and show them just what is happening on their doorstep.”