Masterclass with Everest


Everest is holding a practical masterclass session (Oct 22) to help boost the confidence of business leaders without a tech specialism.

With digital transformations and IT projects on the rise accelerated by the pandemic, Samuele Armondi, MD of Everest is supporting businesses to remain in control of IT projects and the in-house or out-sourced teams looking after them.

He said: “Digital transformations and IT projects can be extremely costly and if you’re not a business leader with a tech specialism, it’s not always easy to hold your project team to account.

“This can result in big gaps between the business and IT, leaving your leadership teams feeling trapped by late, over-budget projects.”

Business leaders, senior executives and managers with a responsibility for IT projects are able to join the free session as well as senior marketing or transformation leads with the responsibility to outsource platform development, software and systems or deliver digital transformation.

“It’s important for business leaders to remember they’re not alone in feeling a little out of their depth here, with industry trends demonstrating that many leaders know they need to invest in tech, but aren’t necessarily sure of the best way to do it,” Armondi added.

“We know how challenging it can be and this masterclass is to impart some of our knowledge and provide some practical tips to increase the chances of success.”

Find out more about this free masterclass from Everest here.