A Cornish networking group is helping keep businesses connected through the coronavirus crisis by offering free-of-charge online networking for 90 days.

The move, by Your Partnerships, comes at a time when businesses are concerned about how to connect to their customers and the wider community, as they battle fears for the future of their businesses.

It’s hoped this new offer will give the self-employed, freelancers and small companies a way to continue building business relationships during this difficult period.

Brock, founder of Your Partnerships, said: “We work with over 2,000 small businesses, and life is undeniably hard at the moment. We believe that now, more than ever, companies need to come together and build strong relationships to help them succeed through these difficult times.

“Communities are already seeing the positive impact of coming together, building the strength of the whole locality. We encourage small businesses to do the same.

“With face-to-face meetings impossible and home-based working the new norm, we want to give people a means to foster old and new relationships. Online business networking allows us to do this. In just one week, we have already witnessed a number of new collaborations forged through online meet-ups. This trend is set to continue.”

During the online networking sessions, which will run several times a day each week, different virtual events will cover different themes, with some including guest speakers.

However, Brock says the team is also open to new ideas and welcoming feedback to ensure the team builds an experience that works for all.

Any businesses that believe they would benefit from online networking should visit  https://www.yourpartnerships.co.uk/business-networking-events-uk/ or email brock@yourpartnerships.co.uk