The Marketing Forum has launched a website to make it easier for people to find out about upcoming events.

The Cornwall-based network of marketers, communicators and creatives can now directly sign up to the mailing list and find out what events are taking place.

Founded in 2018 by marketing consultant, Katie Sandow, The Marketing Forum was launched to bring informal learning and networking opportunities to marketers, communicators and creatives, particularly those working in SMEs with events designed to bring together inspiring people, locations and topics.

Sandow explained: “It can be challenging in Cornwall for those working especially in small and micro businesses to have someone to learn from and marketing and creative specific leadership.

“A lot of marketers are working on their own and support from a network and an opportunity to learn from people who have been there and done it is really valuable. What’s more, when your job requires some creative thinking, getting out of the office to get some inspiration isn’t just nice, it’s necessary.”

Since its launch in September 2018, The Marketing Forum has held events with speakers such as Catherine Mead OBE of Lynher Dairies, Richard Stevens, ex-creative director of British Airways and most recently a Meet the Media event with the Guardian, Sunday Times and Olive magazine.

“The Marketing Forum was supposed to be an open network for anyone working in these roles but we found that some people were struggling to find out about it and felt like it was invite only – the point of the website is to make sure it genuinely is accessible and an open door.”

The next event from The Marketing Forum is on Thursday February  27 at The Warehouse in Penryn with author and influencer Aine Carlin and head of marketing for Origin, Grace Reith.

For more details and to book, click here.