Unlocking Potential welcomed the return of renowned speaker and Britain’s deepest free-diver, Jim Lawless, to its Future Focus ‘Disruption’ event which took place last week.

Over 100 Cornish business owners and decision makers attended the event which also included the latest Brexit insights from Katie Cavell, Cornwall representative in Brussels, and thought-provoking films on managing disruption, from local business leaders.

Lawless’ practical and energetic delivery of his tried and tested tools to help people understand, navigate and achieve their goals, was well-received by the room – even when they were encouraged to mimic jockey riding!

Businesses left with the resounding message to act boldly, plan ahead and look for the opportunities, in order to give themselves the best possible chance at navigating disruption in the coming years.

Speaking after the event, Lawless said: “My contribution was to encourage businesses to reflect on how they prepare for change by asking them to reflect and recognise whether they ‘brace, brace, brace’ and wait for change when disruption is upon us or, do they ‘take back control’?”

More unusually for a business event, Lawless focused his attentions in the room to a more personal and human-cognitive theme, encouraging attendees to consider how they understand their own systems and emotions in times of change.

The room also heard from Catherine Mead of Lynher Dairies, Toby Parkins of Headforwards and Michael Rabone of Rick Steins, who gave their own accounts of managing external disruption and more specifically how they are preparing for Brexit as a disruptor to their business.