The St Austell Conference Centre has launched a new website.

The site was launched this week and is designed to not only highlight the facilities on offer, but also share advice for anyone planning an event or presentation.

Marketing and communications manager, Matt Bunt, said: “Our spaces are modern and professional, so we needed a website that embraced these values.”

The site is built to work across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The navigation ensures that all the important details about the training, conference rooms and services are easy to find, as well as more consideration towards people with accessibility issues.

“The site also features VR tours of the many of the rooms,” added Bunt. “This means that you’re able to get a real feel for the spaces before you book.”

The conference centre, which is part of St Austell Printing Company, opened in 2013 and continues to enjoy a significant growth in bookings year-on-year.