Cornish human resources consultancy Sapience HR was putting on the celebratory double digit glitz last week, as it celebrated a decade in business, gazing up to more blue sky opportunities at a bash in West Cornwall.  Choosing St Ives Brewery’s upper level deck and brasserie as the venue for its 10 year celebration, founder Sue Hook and her team welcomed clients and friends from across the decade to this inspirational spot.

Founder Sue Hook reflected on the initial set-up of the business, as a result of her fortuitous redundancy and use of her savings to kick things off. 

Over the past ten years, she and her team have found Cornwall to be a good place to do business, within a supportive local environment where ambition is high.  This has allowed Sapience HR the opportunity to build a consultancy that provides bespoke services to almost every business sector in the county, with a common theme that everyone is keen to make the very most of their staff. 

Hook said: “As with anyone starting their own business, the beginning can be daunting, but we gained contracts extremely quickly and Sapience HR blossomed.  That said, in my experience, running a small business is a bit of a bi-polar occupation – the highs are very high and the lows can scrape the absolute bottom.  However, it’s this insight, as well as the experience within our team of handling HR needs for major-sized local and national players, that means we understand our clients’ needs, no matter what size they are, and no matter what their challenges and ambitions are.”

18 months ago, Sapience HR underwent a full rebrand recommended by Excess Energy Communications, working with design agency Absolute.  As a result, the sister teams worked together to create a new brand, and set of brand communications tools and campaigns, that ensure the Sapience HR’s positioning and style is like none other in the world. The work was recently celebrated with the winning of a Silver Award at the Design Business Association (DBA) Design Effectiveness Awards.

Hook took the time to thank all of the Sapience HR team individually especially ‘stalwart’ HR consultant Amanda Paddy who has been with Sapience HR for 5 years, before highlighting the Sapience HR support for the Invictus Trust, a Cornish charity helping teenagers with mental health issues.

Hook said: “The past year or so has been a major step for us with investment in our re-branding showing positive results in so many ways. The rebrand and launch of the new website represents our ambitions and shows where the company is today and our vision for the future.  It has also been instrumental in our own Sapience HR growth recruitment process – so we’re definitely walking our own talk at this ten year juncture. It’s also inspiring for us all to look back on everything we have achieved as a company, on behalf of our always valued clients.”