New to networking?


Cornwall Chamber of Commerce is hosting a special event for those who lack confidence when presenting in front of a crowd or find the thought of networking in a room full of strangers a daunting prospect.

The Cornish business community is vibrant and supportive, but for a business or an individual new to networking, joining events where everyone else knows each other can be a terrifying thought.

‘Show Business’ aims to help delegates boost their confidence by providing a safe environment in which to try out a pitch, perfect presentation skills and make connections with other businesses.

The event will take place on Cornwall’s largest stage at the Hall for Cornwall. Although an intimidating place for many, for this event the stage will be a positive, non-judgemental space; and no one will be sitting in the stalls!

Cornwall Chamber has secured the support of three professionals who will share their experiences with delegates and offer tips and advice on how to build the confidence to promote a business in person.

Morveth Ward of Business Cornwall magazine has been down that road, and has swiftly gone from new kid on the block to consummate networker.

Terry Mullins runs The Reluctant Salesman – a company that provides sales training and coaching to business owners and sales teams; and actor Richard Hainsworth helps individuals improve their public speaking and presentation skills through his company Well Voiced.

After the workshop, delegates can enjoy breakfast in Hall for Cornwall’s restaurant. The event takes place on March 5, 9.30am-11am. For more information or to book, click here.