Back to School at HFC Networks


It’s hard to escape that ‘Back to School’ feeling, and the next HFC Networks Club event celebrates all things September.


After the summer holidays and two months of getting ‘Out of Office’ notifications to urgent emails, September sees business men and women returning to work with renewed enthusiasm and drive.

It’s hard to shake off that back to school feeling even in the working world, so Hall For Cornwall’s next networking event on September 12, will focus on new strategies, planning, and the importance of taking stock.

As well as enjoying food and drink representative of that which comes out of a school packed lunch box, delegates will hear from local company and sponsor of HFC Networks Club in 2014, Carlton-Smith Private Wealth.

Entitled, ‘That Back to School feeling – planning, goal setting and strategic planning’, George Carlton-Smith’s presentation will focus on the importance of goal setting, strategic planning, reflection and consideration of why you are in business.

He said: “I often find that my clients are so focused on their work load that they forget to think about planning and firming up their strategies, setting goals for the future months and years and establishing how they will be achieved.

“This presentation will hopefully make delegates think more carefully about whether their ratio of work to strategy needs to be balanced more evenly.”

This free event will be held in Hall For Cornwall’s Assembly room on Friday, September 12. To book your place, simply email Katie Wild,