New partnership for FireText


FireText has become partner with international event ticketing giant, Eventbrite.

The partnership will enable organisers to enhance guest experience and increase attendance by sending timely text messages prior to an event using the FireText platform. FireText are the only UK SMS platform to integrate with Eventbrite. They provide a cloud based SMS platform which users can log into on any device to send and manage their messages.


Organisers are increasingly looking for new ways to ensure their event is a success. Whether the event is for 10 people or 10,000 the worry is often the same; will anyone turn up? With an open rate of 98%, SMS is the perfect way to update your guests on special announcements, confirm details or engage in conversation helping you to boost attendance in the run-up to your event.

FireText Co-Founder Dan Parker said: “This partnership is of strategic importance to both companies, a simple text message can have a big impact to your event attendance and overall experience. More and more businesses are realising the importance of effective communication and events are a great example for us.”

“Eventbrite is focused on integrations that enhance the experience for organisers and attendees. That’s why this is a great addition to the Eventbrite platform because it means that organisers can easily reach people at key moments with the information they need,” said Mitch Colleran, Partnership Manager at Eventbrite.

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