‘Six Sigma Black Belt’ in town


An event is being held to help manufacturers in Cornwall understand the fundamentals of Six Sigma, a business management tool that aims to drive out variability within any process, reducing costs and improving profits.

Paul Allen, MD at Allen & Partners Ltd, will be providing a presentation at the forthcoming ‘On the Road to Manufacturing Excellence – Understanding Six Sigma’ event.

An experienced process improvement specialist and ‘Six Sigma Black Belt’, Allen will be discussing how Six Sigma methodologies can make a real difference to manufacturers in the region.

The event, last of a series of four free events organised by the Manufacturing Advisory Service in the South West (MAS-SW), is to be held at Pool Innovation Centre on Tuesday, November 8.

Martyn Pearson, MAS-SW’s manufacturing specialist for Cornwall, said: “Removing the likelihood of rejects or waste within a process is incredibly cost effective. In the current economic climate, maintaining low costs is key to maximising profits. The Six Sigma approach pinpoints issues in a very concise and systematic way.”

The event will be held at Pool Innovation Centre on November 8 from 6.30pm to 8pm. To book your place, click here.



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