Chamber completes national move


The Cornwall Chamber of Commerce and Industry today took its final step to becoming a fully-accredited member of the national chamber network, paving the way for a stronger role in discussions with Government.

At a special meeting following the monthly chamber breakfast, members voted to change the constitution and boost their role in decision-making and opinion-forming.

Chief executive Richard Glover said it was the conclusion to a long process of improvement. He commented: “We have been an active member of the British Chambers of Commerce for some time but their criteria for full membership provide a lengthy list of requirements to be fulfilled.

“We have been working on those for the past three years and I think the improvement to our services is evident. The last item on that list called for a change of governance structure to bring us into line with other regional chambers, so today’s decision completes our work.”

The decision marks a significant change in how member businesses can influence the direction of the Chamber. Chairman Martin Follett explained: “Under the new articles there will be two bodies, a board of directors and a council.

“The board will still be elected by the members but it will be much smaller, consisting of six directors and the chief executive. A smaller board should be more effective in managing and directing the day to day activities.

“The function of the Council is to be the business forum of the locality and to collect, represent and promote the interests, views and opinions of the members and of the business community generally. There is the option, through both election and co-option, of ensuring a wide representation of skills, interests and experience.”



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