Cornwall Chamber quizzes Cable


The Liberal Democrat shadow chancellor Vince Cable was in Falmouth earlier today, taking questions from members of the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce.

Cable addressed a number of issues and topics that have featured in the General Election campaign, including Government debt, bank lending, the RDA, the single currency and the prospects of a hung Parliament, which are increasingly likely if the opinion polls are to be believed.

And Cable dismissed fears that a hung Parliament would lead to Government paralysis at a time when strong decision making is required. He said: “People should not be worried about a hung Parliament… all the experience of other countries has shown that parties have been successful when they have worked together to solve a problem in times of crisis.”

Thanks to our friends at UKNetWeb, Business Cornwall broadcast the whole event live from this website. A full re-run of the debate can be viewed here.



  1. I believe this is the first time this blog has covered a political event “live”.

    As we’re in the throes of a General Election, all media must be even-handed. To remain within the strictures of the Representation of the People Act, which other high profile political visits will you be covering live? Between now and Thursday 22:00?

    • Just as the Conservatives have a shadow cabinet, so do the Lib Dems. And as far as I am aware, Vince Cable is the Lib Dems shadow chancellor

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