SW businesses backing the Tories


If a snap poll conducted at two of Stephens Scown’s Business Class events over the past week is anything to go by, the Conservatives are set for a landslide General Election victory!

The law firm polled a cross-section of business leaders during the events in Truro City Hall and Exeter’s Barnfield Theatre, which were attended by over 165 people. And if the results were echoed at the Election, David Cameron would sweep into Number 10 with a massive 64% of the vote, ahead of the Lib Dems (24%) and Labour (8%).

Billed as an ‘Election Special’, the events included guest speakers Lord Burnett, who is a sitting member of the House and Lords and consultant to Stephens Scown, and Tim Jones, chairman of the Devon and Cornwall Business Council.


Andy Steele, chief executive of Stephens Scown, said: “Our poll was just a bit of fun and the results will perhaps come as no surprise, but they reinforce the view that the Conservatives are seen as the party for businesses.

“Both events attracted a high number of attendees and covered a wide range of topics. John set the political scene and looked at some of the structural issues facing the UK economy, while Tim examined the impact of red tape and Whitehall’s involvement in business issues and policy.”