Learning to collaborate

The Partner to Succeed team

The Hub young persons’ business network was given an insight last week into how collaborating rather than competing with other businesses can be a more effective strategy.

Partner to Succeed, Cornwall’s business collaboration network funded by ERDF Convergence, gave examples as diverse as Nike teaming with Apple to produce an ipod sensor for trainers; or Ford working alongside Fiat to develop a replacement Ford Ka and Fiat 500.

Partner to Succeed also gave some examples of collaborations it has facilitated through the programme since its launch last June.

Mark Sansby, business development manager for Partner to Succeed, reflected on one particular collaboration which is showing early signs of success with interest from a number of public sector bodies.

He said: “Silvertree Engineering saw the opportunity to introduce their Icespy product to a new market sector, and with the guidance and expertise of QES (Quest Environmental Solutions) the potential for their product has escalated substantially. It is fantastic to see companies of all sizes working together in this way where both the business and the customer will ultimately benefit.”

A dozen quality Cornish brands have also collaborated to expand their businesses by developing an event in central London later this month to meet journalists from a number of high quality magazines and newspapers, as well as relevant distributors and buyers.

“This epitomises the potential of collaborative working,” said Helen Trudgeon, programme director for Partner to Succeed. “Pooled resources and skills being used for the equal benefit of all parties.”

Partner to Succeed is running the event again this evening (March 4). If you would like to attend, please contact Lucy Cox.