Conference Season starts for Chew TV


Putting a festival-fuelled Summer behind them, Cornish Web TV Company Chew TV are welcoming in the Autumn by lecturing, guest speaking, judging and sitting on the boards of the top digital, interactive, social and youth-focused media conferences in Europe.

Chew TV will be educating others at the Broadcast and Social Media Conference held by Social TV, the Creativity for Learning Conference held by Cape UK, and the youth focused digital media conference held by Futurelab. Chew TV’s Managing Director, Korash Sanjideh, will also be judging this years Europrix Multimedia Awards, Europe’s contest for young professionals and students who work on innovative projects in the field of e-contents and design, using whichever multimedia channel or platforms.

At the Social TV Forum, in London on 28th September Korash will be sitting on a panel discussing ‘The integration of web based social networks into the TV ecosystem’, alongside Philip Bourchier O’Ferrall, Senior Vice President of Digital Media for MTV Networks UK & Ireland, Rachael Antony, Manager Acquisitions, Commissions & Community for LonelyPlanet.TV and Julian March, Executive Producer, Sky News.

Korash will be focusing on how to build partnerships between social networks and the TV industry, how Pay TV operators can harness social networks and web 2.0 within a multiplatform strategy and will also be talking about how to harness talent in a user generated content environment.

At the Youth Focused Digital Media Conference held by Futurelab on 8th October, Chew TV’s Communications Manager, Max Hepworth-Povey will be running a workshop focusing on ‘How to engage young people using the emerging technologies’. This session will address the practice of using emerging technologies within the educational environment, to enhance the learning process and build creative projects.

Max will talk about how Chew TV involves young people in the creative process reinforcing their own online broadcast channel, using familiar tools such as mobile phones and social networks encouraging the learning process and providing a future-proof method of delivering media based learning.

Max will also be speaking at the Creativity for Learning Conference held by Creative Partnerships/ Cape UK in Bradford on 30th September, discussing ‘young people and emerging technologies’ and ‘creativity at the heart of young people’s learning’.

As well as spreading first hand knowledge to other youth focused and media orientated organisations, the team at Chew TV will be ensuring they are at the top of their game in this increasingly diverse industry by being at the heart of new media as it develops.