Creative Edge celebrates 20 years


It may have not been Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band but instead radical folk/punk rockers of old The Levellers who helped Truro based designers Creative Edge celebrate their 20th anniversary as part of Cornwall’s business community.

The band has been musically protesting for 20 years, so Creative Edge’s birthday bash at The Hall for Cornwall on the night The Levellers played their own 20th anniversary tour date was no coincidence.

Melinda Rickett, partner at Creative Edge said: “Twenty years is a significant amount of time for any business and it was fitting to celebrate with another creative group of people we admire and who have been plying their trade for as long as us.

“The past two decades have gone in a flash; from working off the kitchen table at home to our new offices in Truro, we’ve had an incredible journey which is far from over.

“I hope that people will see some synergy between us and The Levellers in terms of a free spirited approach to our work and a refusal to compromise our standards and beliefs.”

Guests were made up of clients, friends and supporters that spanned the 20 years, who all enjoyed a selection of Cornish food and drink and of course tickets to see The Levellers later in the evening.

Nick Howell of the Pilchard Works said: “Everyone had a great time and it was a pleasure to be at the Hall for Cornwall to support and celebrate one of Cornwall’s most innovative design agencies; Creative Edge changed the 80’s perception of a remote Cornwall to one of a great place to live and work.

“Seeing The Levellers was also an added bonus but they seem a lot louder now than they were back in 1988.
Creative Edge’s identity & branding work, web design and exhibitions have had a significant impact on many Southwest businesses and organisations and how they communicate.

David Rickett, partner at Creative Edge said: “Creative Edge’s approach has always been about raising the bar on design and using it to enable the client to communicate and inspire his or her target audience; after all good design is good for your business.”