Local Companies Explain Benefits of ISO Status


Two local companies celebrated the award of their ISO 9001 status last week by hosting an event for companies who want to learn more about what the ISO standards can do for their business.

Web development company, UKNetWeb, worked with data security and back up company, Forward ITC, to plan and deliver an event that cuts through all the noise to the bare business facts of gaining ISO accreditation.

Both companies started the process of applying for their own ISO status nearly six months ago, receiving their final award certificates on the day of the event.

Assisted by Management consultants, International Management Systems Marketing (IMSM), the companies have demonstrated their commitment to quality and customer service resulting in the award of their respective accreditations.

Approximately ten businesses attended the event which featured speakers from the two companies receiving accreditation and consultants, IMSM. After the presentations, guests had the opportunity to ask the assembled panel about their experiences, the value of ISO and the process involved in applying.

Commenting on the event, Forward ITC, Managing Director, Rojer Isaacson said,

“The ISO standard is a valuable tool for any business. It enables the small enterprise to compete on a level playing field with larger businesses by demonstrating an equal level of commitment to quality and customer service.”

“As a company we want to be working with other organisations that put these values first. Putting on an event to talk about our experiences, allowing others to see what it means to achieve ISO accreditation, seemed like the best route in achieving this aim.”

Commenting on the event, UKNetWeb, Managing Director, Toby Parkins said,

“When we knew our certificates were on their way we thought it would be good to celebrate our joint success by helping other companies who may be interested in achieving ISO to learn more about it.”

“Many people think of it as another tick box, or a marketing ploy; however, it is much more than that. The process involved in acquiring the status has enabled us to increase our business efficiency and offer even higher standards of service to our customers.”

“At a time when businesses are dealing with increasing prices and economic uncertainty, improving business efficiency is of utmost importance. I am glad that we were able to offer businesses a chance to learn more about the ISO standard.

The event was held at UKNetWeb’s offices in St.Agnes, last Wednesday (18th June). Although the companies have no further plans to run an event on the subject, anyone who would like to know more can contact Toby at UKNetWeb on 01872 555933 or Rojer at Forward ITC on 01872 552875.