n-Coders unveils rebrand


n-Coders has relaunched with a new brand identity and website.

Founded initially as a general software development agency, n-Coders has evolved over the past couple of years to specialise in immersive technology, creative embedded development, game outsourcing and applications.

Director Mark Jennings said: “Over the past year, n-Coders has grown, not just in revenue but also in skill and specialism. The rebrand reflects our transition, focusing more on creating immersive games and experiences, captivating applications and becoming specialists in XR.”

The new rebrand and website has been spearheaded by head of creativity, Melanie Band. She explained: “Our logo incorporates everything that n-Coders is. The general shape represents a processor on which technology is built. The ‘N’ can also be seen as brackets to represent the development at the core of the business.

“Aesthetically, we aimed for something really vibrant, bold and creative, which is what we strive for in our products and services.”

n-Coders has invested heavily in XR equipment, including AR wearables, virtual reality headsets and 3D printing equipment. Following the launch of their its VR product, Fire Extinguisher VR, n-Coders says enquiries for integrating XR in businesses have soared with new projects on the horizon.