Unlocking Potential hosted its first physical event in two years to celebrate the official launch of its new Digital Transformation space at Fibre Hub, adjacent to the Cornwall College campus at Pool.

Organisers say the launch of Digital Transformation’s new ‘space’ at Fibre Hub, in partnership with Headforwards and Software Cornwall, will “catalyse and supercharge” the growing digital revolution within Cornish businesses.

Dr Nathan Jeffery, Digital Transformation’s programme lead, explained: “The launch of our space is as crucial as it is exciting. We offer businesses a marketplace, where those looking to transform to a more digital mindset outline their needs to those who can help them. They, in turn, describe what they’d recommend and how they can help.

“Our ability to facilitate this is hugely boosted by having a physical space where people can meet, talk, exchange ideas, try out the tech, see demonstrations and learn. This launch is a massive step forward in helping Cornish businesses become more productive and competitive.”

Unlocking Potential’s director, Allyson Glover, welcomed everyone at the launch, describing it as a “transformational space for Cornwall”.

Toby Parkins, director and co-founder of Headforwards, whose brainchild the Fibre Hub building was, talked about his long-held ambition to bring businesses together under one roof. And keynote speaker, Inma Martinez, kept everyone gripped with her ambitious and positive vision of the future.

“Inma was such a perfect speaker for an occasion in a building like this,” said Glover.

“She spoke so clearly about the possibility of change, and the need for it. Unlocking Potential’s whole history and purpose is about helping Cornish businesses to thrive, and digital has been at the forefront of our thinking for years, but the last 18 months have underlined its importance and crystallised our thinking.

“The opportunities for Cornish businesses are almost as mind-boggling as some of the innovations Inma told us about. So much has changed, is changing and will continue to change; this new space will be the physical focus for a digital transformation which will benefit the whole of Cornwall.”