A new programme to help transform Cornish businesses through the planned and strategic use of technology has been launched by Unlocking Potential (UP).

The ERDF-funded Digital Transformation programme is a new partnership between UP, The Cornwall College Group and Software Cornwall.

“This is such an exciting programme for us to be launching,” said UP programme director, Allyson Glover. “There’s no getting away from the challenges faced by Cornish businesses in the last 12 months; Digital Transformation could hardly be better timed or more topical.

“We have all had to change how we work, think differently, learn new skills, innovate and embrace change. We know businesses are ready to adapt and take up the opportunity to explore how they can take digitisation to the next level and ultimately transform.”

Justin Olosunde, assistant principle of external engagement and business innovation at The Cornwall College Group, added: “Digital Transformation, and the agenda that it represents, is absolutely fundamental to the growth within the economy locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

“As a large skills provider, we want this project to create the environment that enables the market to develop and helps people cultivate the new skills they need to allow their collaboration within the digital economy to flourish.”

Taking a practical approach, an expert team of ‘digital innovators’ will work out where a business is up to, digitally, what the options are, then work with them to develop and test new ideas. Once all the data’s gathered, a plan for transforming into a successful digital first business will be supported.

Mike Barritt, director of Software Cornwall, said: “It’s no secret that the Cornish tech cluster is growing at exponential rates, but digital transformation isn’t just reserved for tech companies, it’s pivotal to the success of any business, which should be structured to adapt quickly in changing markets and have products, services and internal systems that flex with these changes.

“Software Cornwall is delighted to be supporting the Digital Transformation programme that will enhance and grow the collaboration between digital and non-digital businesses thus enabling scalability and increased market reach to provide a positive impact on the Cornish economy.”

There’ll also be regular events and workshops, covering useful topics harnessing the power of new technologies with “AI and machine learning”, “The Internet of things” and many others with expert advice from suppliers, at the home of the Digital Transformation project, the new Fibre Hub, just off the A30 at Pool. This digitally spec’d building will encompass work and event spaces, cutting-edge technology, and superfast connectivity.

To find out more about the project, visit digital-cornwall.co.uk.