A Cornish agency has topped the poll in a leading marketing industry publication for producing the most creative Christmas campaign in 2019.

Hedgehog Digital’s ‘Holiday Heist’ made Campaign Live’s shortlist alongside 21 other leading creative agencies. And, in a reader poll for their favourite featured Christmas campaign, Hedgehog led the pack with a majority share of the votes.

The Hayle-based digital marketing specialist constructed an elaborate Christmas campaign, involving an internationally wanted art thief, Herr Igel, who stole a world-renowned painting just hours before it was due to be auctioned.

Hedgehog’s clients were tipped off to the theft and the developing story via Hedgehog’s own online news site, The Daily Quill, where clients were able to avidly follow the story’s progression.

The campaign culminated in the delivery of a digitally-rendered replica of the famous painting, personalised to each of Hedgehog’s clients and their businesses.

Hedgehog director Alan Spurgeon said: “Our client Christmas gift campaigns are a great opportunity for us to flex our creative minds for our clients, but it is a real Christmas treat when we are also acknowledged by our industry.”

Full details of Hedgehog’s Holiday Heist can be seen on the Hedgehog’s blog.