Being based in Cornwall we are lucky enough to enjoy one of the most beautiful parts of the planet and that’s the way we would like to keep it!

Looking after the planet for future generations should not only be an aim for individuals but should also be one for businesses. Here at NCI Technologies we have made a new commitment to improving our corporate social responsibility.

The technology industry has a reputation for having serious sustainability issues which it often isn’t held to account for. As a result, we are developing practices on how we can reduce our effect on the planet. Some of these have been small steps like reusing old packaging and sourcing packing materials that are biodegradable. Larger projects have included the installation of solar panels on the roof of our building. This has helped us to offset our carbon footprint and reduce the amount of power we need to import from non-renewable energy sources.

As part of our environmental commitment we have also teamed up with DELL to discuss how their packaging can be better developed in a more responsible and sustainable way. By working with DELL on these important issues it also supports our goal of sourcing products and services from environmentally responsible suppliers.

We are really pleased to have been asked to work with them as they were recently listed as one of the world’s most ethical companies by the Ethisphere Institute.

Our most recent meeting with DELL’s environmental champions covered the following areas:

  • Spreading the word that DELL have put efforts in to reduce the amount of packaging it uses when distributing products to customers
  • Educating our customers that they can recycle most of the packaging supplied with their DELL purchase
  • Working with DELL to ensure that their packaging is labelled with information on how to responsibly recycle it to help better inform customers
  • Developing relationships with third party DELL suppliers to reduce or remove the amount of plastic packaging that products are supplied in or helping them to find better alternatives

NCI Technologies has also been invited by DELL to continue to work with them on reaching their goals for their upcoming 10-year environmental plan. It’s an exciting opportunity and we can’t wait to see what a difference teaming up with them can make.

Although NCI Technologies is at the start of developing our own corporate social responsibility journey, we hope by working with DELL it will help us to better contribute to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, a blueprint established by the UN to achieve a better and more sustainable environment for all by 2030.