Hybrid Internet service provider, Wildanet, has been chosen to provide a bespoke broadband service for the Pool Innovation Centre (PIC).

Ian Calvert, Wildanet’s CEO, said: “We’re incredibly excited to enter into this unprecedented partnership with the Pool Innovation Centre to support the development of entrepreneurial businesses in Cornwall.

“Our proven technology delivers exactly what innovative and agile businesses need – speed, flexibility and value.”

The centre, opened in 2010, was the first of its kind in the county and is one of three across Cornwall. Matt Harrington, the head of all three Cornwall Innovation Centres for University of Plymouth, said: “We’re extremely proud of how our centres have enabled new, inspiring and groundbreaking businesses to flourish in Cornwall.

Ian Calvert (l) and Matt Harrington

“A huge part of that is having cutting-edge connectivity and technologies, and so we’re pleased to be working with Wildanet to grow this essential aspect of our provision to businesses in Cornwall.”

Calvert added: “These centres have been purpose built to accommodate and support a diverse range of businesses and enterprises, and connectivity plays an instrumental part in their growth. At Wildanet, we believe that every business should be able to reach its potential with a fast, efficient and effective Internet connection, wherever it’s located.

“The range of business tenants means that we will tailor our services to each of their individual needs. Some, such as software developers and design studios, will require packages capable of handling significant amounts of data. It’s very exciting and we can’t wait to go live.”