Two students are driving business to an international car auctioneer using an innovative approach to social media marketing.

Taylor Lindores and William Griffin, third year entrepreneurship students at Falmouth University, are on the road to success with their self-titled company – Lindores & Griffin.

A social media and Internet marketing agency, they specialise in promoting, advertising and creating high performing videos, images, streams and written content.

The friends are targeting the classic vehicle and luxury good markets, building a solid reputation along the way after securing a partnership with international auctioneer, Coys of Kensington, and helping to deliver an increase in sales at events in London and across Europe.

Taylor and William are preparing to graduate this summer, but when not studying hard they have been growing the agency, marketing vintage motors online and laying the foundations for expansion this summer.

“The business has been been evolving over the course of a year now, combined with our degree,” said Lindores.

“The positive thing about doing it while at university is the safety net, and our lecturers at the business school are on hand with support and advice if we need it.

“When we began that was very helpful and gave us confidence to secure our first client, an online consultancy. That was our first taste of business, and from there we wanted more.”

After forging a relationship with Coys two years ago, Lindores and Griffin saw an opportunity for the auction house to grow online and capitalised on it.

“I think they saw that we are young and try to be innovative and have a fresh approach,” said Griffin. “While we were just starting out and building up our resources, we made up for it with our positivity and a proactive attitude to the work.

“We specialise in social media marketing but try and go the extra mile, writing a piece on each car individually, the story behind the vehicle and trying to show personality through video and images.

“It’s an international market and you will get people from all over the world viewing online and watching the live stream – it’s vital you get their attention.”

Their methods resulted in a rise in the number of views and further sales across the globe, including a classic red Ferrari to one Russian enthusiast.

“We love cars, especially classic cars, so it’s a really interesting sector that we enjoy working in,” said Griffin.