Vodafone UK has achieved an industry first with the successful trial of a new 4G mini mobile mast in Porthcurno.

The mini mast is now providing customers with 4G mobile data speeds of more than 200Mbps, as well as a strong voice signal.

The telescopic mini mast is only eight metres high when extended to its tallest point and is around half the height of the shortest standard mast.

Developed in partnership with infrastructure technology company, CommScope, the mini mast can be placed at rural hotels, leisure and retail parks, and tourist attractions. They are also much quicker to install, taking around six months to become fully operational –  approximately a third of the time it takes to install a standard mast.

Local MP, Derek Thomas, said: “The quality of mobile phone signal in west Cornwall is a subject that is regularly raised with me, as is the need to protect and preserve our countryside.

“This new mast offers the opportunity to reduce the visual impact of phone masts, whilst addressing people’s desire for improved connectivity. I’m pleased that the Vodafone mini mast is now in place and welcome any additional innovations that enable us to stay connected.”