Truro-based education app, Froggy Match-it, has joined forces with global literacy project, Curious Learning, to provide education for children around the world.

Froggy Match-it is an educational phonics game for children learning to read and spell, created by Graham and Lynn Lettice of Truro.

The app, which ensures improvement in reading and spelling for children aged 4-6, has partnered with global non-profit organisation Curious Learning to reach children without access to adequate schooling.

Created by leading researchers from MIT Media Lab (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and other top universities in the US including Tufts and Georgia State University, Curious Learning has a mission to transform mobile devices into a literacy solution, so every child can learn to read – with or without a teacher.

By distributing tablet computers loaded with a software package of literacy apps, Curious Learning is reaching economically disadvantaged communities around the world to improve the early reading skills of young children.

Froggy Match-it is featured as one of the literacy apps on the tablets, alongside others in writing, pre-literacy skills and languages, and is currently being used by over 4,000 children in eight countries including Ethiopia, America, and South Africa.

Lynn Lettice said: “We recognise how the interactive nature of tablets and phones is ideal for learning regardless of the social, economical and geographical challenges many children face. Our mission is to get more children reading, and our partnership with Curious Learning is enabling Froggy Match-it to reach children around the world.”