New reading app for children


Truro-based couple Graham and Lynn Lettice have drawn upon their 40 years of experience in education to create a new reading app for children.

Froggy Match-it is an educational reading and spelling game for children aged 4 to 6 who have just started to learn to read, and can be used on a tablet or phone.

The game assists development in reading and spelling using the phonics approach advocated by the Department for Education.

Children guide themselves through the levels, which start with three-letter words and gradually progress to more complex words and sounds.

The Lettices are founders of the paper-based learning resources company Easylearn, and have been producing classroom materials since 1992.

The couple made the leap into digital learning resources after seeing how effective they could be as an intuitive, interactive and hands-on learning tool for children.

Lynn Lettice said: “When we watch children learning to read and spell with Froggy Match-it we can really see the children learning – they seem to get through the content faster, and the best part is that children can go at their own pace.”