FireText on G-Cloud 7


Falmouth-based SMS marketing company, FireText, has been accepted as a ‘G-Cloud Government Service Provider’.

The company has fulfilled the procurement process and is now certified as a cloud provider for those in the looking to use FireText’s SMS services to market to their customers.

“This is an important initiative within the public sector that will help reduce the cost and burden of bringing on new cloud-based services,” said founder, James Huff.

“Already working with a number of customers in the public sector, we are once again showing the UK marketplace that FireText is at the forefront of the SMS sector.”

The G-Cloud Framework is an initiative aimed to ease procurement by public sector bodies in the UK government of IT services that use cloud-based platforms.

FireText was accepted into G-Cloud 7 as a supplier of Software as a Service (SaaS), providing a cloud-based platform to allow two-way communication through SMS messaging.

G-Cloud 7 is a pre-approved list of suppliers that provide digital services, simplifying the process for buyers looking for services that fit their needs, and giving suppliers an easy way to sell their products.

With the NHS central contract for SMS marketing having drawn an end, individual trusts, hospitals, and practices now have to source and fund their own SMS provider for sending messages to clients.

FireText is now able to offer the same email to SMS service used by existing end-users of the current offering, allowing for fast transition with minimal impact.