Video: Superfast Cornwall


A video has been produced highlighting the successes of the £132 million Superfast Cornwall project.

The short film features background stats about the programme, which has now made fibre broadband available to 95% of households and businesses in the Duchy, making it one of the best connected rural areas in the world.


  1. Given the fact that around one-third of Cornwall has been connected using FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) technology, with speeds available of up to 330Mbps and therefore not over the VDSL network – I think we can all agree these speeds are well and truly superfast. There are times and occasions where the network will have been inherited by the project (such as the Exchange Only lines) and the project won’t have been able to connect them. I think it important to remember that the project had to work within a budget and a time frame – and never promised to connect 100% of Cornwall. In fact, they committed to reaching 80 – 90% of Cornwall within the allocated budget and have been able to reach 95%. The final 5% are going to be the hardest to reach with the technology available and cost the most – therefore it will be an even greater challenge. I applaud the work of B4RN and their achievements – but this solution across the whole of Cornwall would of taken far longer with no where near the coverage we have as a county. I feel it is a shame that a successful public-private partnership is being criticised by the loud minority when the silent majority are more than happy. Cornwall was the very first county in the country to attempt this project and has lead the way in rural and urban fibre deployment on a mass scale.

  2. A Business publication would surely do well to avoid publishing nonesense. The area is no
    More one of the best connected areas in the world than I am the high king of Ireland. Stop the nonesense, look at the B4RN project in Lancaster or (should you be in possession of a passport) visit any number of rural areas in the EU where FttH is rolled out as standard and ordinary people get GIGABIT bi-directional access to the Internet for about 30 quid a week. Really. Shame

    • Hello John. I notice you work for the European Commission, which part-financed the Superfast Cornwall scheme. If you feel the claims are erroneous, probably best taking it up with them.

  3. 95% of properties in Cornwall have access to Fibre Broadband, what hogwash….

    95% of properties may be ‘passed’ by copper based VDSL connections which then connects to a Fibre based backhaul but that doesn’t mean they can get a ‘Superfast’ connection (Superfast means greater than 20Mbs on the download) you have to be within a few 100 metres of the existing cabinet, not much use to much of Rural Cornwall.

    Lancashire is where it is happening with all Rural B4RN customers getting 1,000 Mbs Down (1Gbs) and as importantly up as well. That’s three times the download of BTs fastest service which is available to less than a third of the county even if you are prepared to pay the £1,000s to have it installed. Compare that with installation of a few £100s in Lancashire….

  4. I would love to have superfast broadband for my business but because I live close to the towns telephone exchange, and therefore have a direct line from the exchange to my house, I am told that I cannot have access to superfast and there are no plans to make it available.

    There must be thousands of businesses and households in Cornwall in the same position so I am rather dubious of the 95% figure trumpeted by Superfast Cornwall.

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