New mobile phone app launched


A mobile app developer is hoping to “revolutionise” the way companies deal with their clients after joining forces with a neighbouring business at the Cornwall Innovation Centre where it is based.

Michael Thompson (l) and Matthew Osborn (r) with PIC manager, Richard Scutt
Michael Thompson (l) and Matthew Osborn (r) with PIC manager, Richard Scutt

Shopper Utopia has created a secure and fast way to send personal information by mobile phone and believes the new system could be rolled out by major companies across the world, saving thousands of pounds in costly courier fees.

The business collaborated on the app with Two Legal Services, also based at Pool Innovation Centre (PIC), and it is set to be trialled by a major debt recovery firm over the coming months.

Michael Thompson, director of Shopper Utopia, said: “We are very excited to see this all come together. It has been great to work in partnership with Two Legal Services who are just across the corridor from us.

“They have the industry contacts and we have the technology, and we are working together to push the app and get it tested in a working environment.

“This could save the company testing it, £40k a month in courier fees.”

Two Legal Services director, Matthew Osborn, added: “We wanted an app developed to allow our clients to send documents to us securely and safely and streamline our in-house processes.

“Our location at Pool Innovation Centre allowed us to utilise our fellow tenant’s expertise to produce an industry leading app with the potential to revolutionise the way companies such as ourselves communicate with their clients.

“We have now decided to look at a joint venture to bring this app to mass market due to the internal success of the product.”