More jobs at Headforwards


Pool-based software development company, Headforwards, is looking to recruit up to 15 new programming jobs in 2014 following a number of successes with its global software delivery projects.

The opportunities are not only centered around experienced Perl and Python developers, but also graduate positions for people finishing courses this summer.

The Headforwards team outside the Pool Innovation Centre

Headforwards director, Toby Parkins, said: “As our Cornwall-based development team expands its reputation and delivery track record, we are finding increasing demand from various parts of the world as well as the UK.

“This is fantastic news as it would allow us to expand our development team by 50% in our fourth year and provide quality jobs to people in Cornwall.”

Headforwards is based at the Pool Innovation Centre which, he says, has been “critical” to the company’s growth with quality office accommodation available ‘on tap’ to enable rapid expansion and job creation.

Headforwards provides high quality outsourced software development to organisations which share the “vision that people are the most valuable aspect of their software development capability”.

Since being founded three years ago, the company now employs 38 people in the Pool area.