The importance of secure Wifi


A Cornish IT firm has been highlighting the risks of unreliable and insecure Wifi access in hotels.

While unreliable Wifi can adversely affect the customer’s experience, according to Hayle-based IT West it can also potentially damage your business network if not set up correctly.

Tracey Bailey, from IT West, explained: “The standard Wifi from your system is not necessarily secure enough for public use. The public using your Wifi network could potentially access your business network if it is not set up correctly.

“Any business that offers Wifi to guests and visitors should consider the implications of system security; many people do not know that simply by leaving the access open anyone who knows a little about IT will be able to get into the computer systems and access private files.

“Information could be accessed and data extracted, with the records that are now held electronically this could cause real trouble. Unsecure wireless is an invite for identity theft or introducing vulnerabilities to your computer systems.”

The Chy-An-Albany hotel in St Ives has recently invested in a new system and already both the hotel and guests are reaping the benefits.

Hotel manager, Julia Beaumont, said: “Our old Wifi system was becoming a nightmare. We were concerned this was affecting the guests experience when staying with us. I am pleased with the solution IT West has implemented. We now have coverage throughout the hotel, where we previously had real trouble with blank spots.

“The Wifi has increased and is far more stable. The investment made is small compared to the benefits of this new system. We very much look forward to the summer safe in the knowledge that IT West have improved our Wi-Fi system for our guests to use.”