Cornwall setting the pace


Businesses in Cornwall are “worldwide digital leaders” according to an online marketing company which claims broadband speeds in the Duchy are much faster than in areas of the Silicon Valley.

Rob and Andrea Edlin outside Google HQ
Rob and Andrea Edlin outside Google HQ

Rob and Andrea Edlin, owners of Lizard-based Niddocks, have just returned from this year’s Google Engage All-Stars Summit in California last month.

During their visit, the couple tested broadband speeds in a number of venues to compare it with speeds in Cornwall. And they found that those venues, including a large hotel in the middle of the Silicon Valley, had a super slow connection. They said packages are available for people who wished to upgrade, but those are ‘paid for’ upgrades which only increased broadband speeds to 4Mbps.

The husband and wife team, who described the summit as “inspiring and thought-provoking”, said they were astounded to see the difference in broadband speeds and said businesses in Cornwall have so much more potential than they may realise.

Andrea Edlin said: “Businesses here in Cornwall are worldwide digital leaders and not followers. Most of our tourism businesses and hotels have access to superfast broadband and they also provide customers with the fastest option of broadband as their standard.

“We believe business in Cornwall have much more potential than they think with video marketing and uploading capabilities for video. At Google headquarters, the one point which was reiterated over and over was that businesses need to be taking full advantage of mobile and video marketing. Video marketing is relatively reasonable so, with low production costs and broadband capabilities, this could seriously boost business potential in Cornwall.”

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