From canvas to cyberspace


A Penzance web design and software business has helped The Royal Watercolour Society administer its annual contemporary watercolour competition entirely online for the first time.

In the past, administering the competition has meant dealing with the physical images submitted by artist, processing cheque payments and the collating the submissions for judging.

The new system, developed by Clarity IT Services, meant that everything has been done digitally. Simply by visiting the website, artists were able to enter their details, upload images of their paintings and pay their entrance fee. And because the process was online, they were able to go back and change the images submitted right up until the closing date.

In total over 400 artists entered almost 900 pictures, a significant increase on last year’s numbers.

Bill Newland, Clarity’s technical director, commented: “By working with the Society from the beginning we have been able to deliver more than just an online brochure; the website actually aids them with some of their key activities.

“Not only have we helped make the competition process simpler but, by removing the need for paper copies, we have made it greener too.”

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