Putting superfast to the test


Visual Persistence, a film and video postproduction facility based in Penryn, is embarking on a test project to explore the potential of the superfast broadband network currently being rolled out across the county.

Visual Persistence is working with the Academy for Innovation and Research (AIR) at University College Falmouth, supported by the Superfast Cornwall programme, to assess the potential for superfast broadband to make digital postproduction a viable industry for Cornwall.

The project will explore whether Cornwall’s superfast broadband network can support online data transfer and remote collaboration between the on-set film crews, production houses, scanning companies and postproduction facilities involved in producing feature films and pop videos.

Visual Persistence founder Matt Walsh believes superfast broadband could enable postproduction to become a viable industry for Cornwall, creating much-needed skilled jobs. He said: “If it turns out that superfast will let me transfer files and live stream my desktop environment to my clients, it means there’s less need for them to be physically present to oversee my work.

“Postproduction companies could set up in Cornwall or relocate here, and the county could reap the benefits of being an integral part of the global film industry.”