E-marketing benefits surf school


Padstow-based Harlyn Surf School has been partnering with local businesses to find innovative new ways to keep in touch with clients.

Chris Rea, who started the school more than 15 years ago, has embraced email and mobile marketing techniques to help keep ahead of the competition.

By teaming with local company FireText, a new texting service gives surfers 24/7 access to the school, where they can text the school for information and weather updates etc, and receive direct messages straight to their mobiles.

And Rea has taken customer interaction a step further through email newsletters, provided by MailAway.

The newsletter, which is regularly opened by around 20% of people, was used to create an online survey so that Rea could glean a better understanding of the needs of his customers.

Rea commented: “Being online has become so important to the activities and tourism industry, it was important to me that not only did I stay ahead of the vast competition there, but also in real life too.

“Customers can now reach Harlyn in multiple ways that are convenient for them. Gaining customer insight has been of tremendous value and we’ve made changes to our offering based purely on feedback from the email.”