Audio: Brand ambassadors go faster


Thirty  local business leaders took part in a special superfast broadband masterclass this week, showing them how to use the power of superfast connectivity.

The event was run by Cornwall Brand, a Convergence fund and Cornwall Council project, hosted by Cornwall Development Company (CDC).

Brand Ambassadors hear the latest on Superfast Broadband (Click here to listen)

The masterclass was led by Ranulf Scarborough from BT and Julian Cowans of the Superfast Cornwall team. Both speakers showed businesses, ranging from medical companies, to renewable energy and IT specialists how to use superfast broadband to accelerate their businesses.

Lucy Hunt, manager of Cornwall Brand, commented: “Cornwall Brand works with over 50 of the county’s leading businesses, promoting Cornwall’s vibrant business community to challenge outdated perceptions that still exist out of county. Part of this activity is to make sure that we’re giving local businesses the best available marketing advice and tools to help them promote themselves effectively.”