The Real Thing for Cornish trio


Three Cornish companies have been engaged by one of the world’s biggest brands to work a new website.

Soft drink giant Coca-Cola has hired Penryn-based agencies Stranger Collective, Anja Jones Translation and Venn Creative to work on The Live Positive Collective, an online platform for people to talk about and be inspired by things making the world a better place.

Creative communications agency Stranger Collective started the Cornish link last November, when it was engaged by Coke to start producing creative content for the site.

Director Helen Gilchrist explained: “We are excited to be bringing our creative editorial and writing skills to an international project of this calibre; producing a vibrant new platform to showcase the inspiring things individuals and organisations are doing to make a positive impact on the environment and communities we live in.

“So it’s even better to be able to spread the love and get talented partners from our own community working on the project too.”

The site aims to reach Coke customers across Europe and Stranger was asked to recommend a translation service for the main languages on the continent. Anja Jones Translation is now providing every story in five languages – Spanish, German, Dutch, French and Italian.

Most recently another of Stranger’s collaborators, Venn Creative, was asked to become more involved in the project by further developing the website’s capabilities. The design and web agency is currently working on simplifying the site’s usability as well as enhancing its visual design.