Designers in a Jam

Sea Communications will have 48 hours to solve a challenge set during the Global Service Jam

A Penryn-based design agency has joined forces with the Pool Innovation Centre (PIC) to take part in a global challenge.

Sea Communications will be taking part in the Global Service Jam, which gives participants just 48 hours to design a new service based around a shared theme.

Starting on Friday, March 11, Sea will be taking advantage of PIC’s high speed broadband to bring together collaborators from across the south west to complete the challenge.

Sea will also be the only team involved in Global Service Jam to be using remote technology.

Robert Woolf, who runs Sea with his wife Kathryn, said: “Every team taking part in Global Service Jam around the world will be based in one location.

“Basing ourselves at PIC and utilising the incredibly fast broadband allows us to be the only team in the world to be able to work with collaborators remotely.”

Global Service Jam brings together people interested in service and customer experience from across the world. Teams will be completing from North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

In order to support the project, Woolf and the Sea team are looking for people who want to get involved in the project.

“We want to make this a true community event so want people to get involved,” he said.

“They can give as much or as little time as they like during the 48 hours, and they can come to PIC or log in remotely.”