Next generation broadband launched

Datasharp's technical director Allan Williams

Businesses in Cornwall are to benefit from next generation broadband connectivity far sooner than anticipated thanks to the work of a national telecoms provider based in Truro.

So-called next generation broadband networking has been hailed as a major boost for small and medium sized businesses in Cornwall, bringing with it a revolution in telephone and internet connectivity, carrying voice and data down the same high-speed line.

BT recently unveiled its plans to bring superfast broadband to Cornwall, but the rollout is not expected to be complete before 2014.

Communications specialist Datasharp has now launched Optimum Connect – a range of products using next generation technology to bring superfast speeds to premises in Cornwall, making next generation connection available today.

The firm is making optimum use of lines already available and is now providing fibre-optic connections (and, where appropriate, other superfast technologies) to clients in even remote parts of Cornwall.

“Fibre optic infrastructure has been under development for many years,” explained technical director Allan Williams. “Optimum Connect takes advantage of next generation connectivity today utilising all access methods available, including those offered by BT Group.”